Can I load my own filter coefficients?

How to load digital filter coefficients to Moku:Lab IIR filters

Yes! Moku:Lab’s Digital Filter Box implements infinite impulse response (IIR) filters using 4 cascaded Direct Form I second-order stages with a final output gain stage. To specify a filter, you must supply a text file containing the filter coefficients. The file should have 6 coefficients per line, with each line representing a single stage. If output scaling is required, this should be given on the first line. Each coefficient must be in the range [-4.0, +4.0]. Internally, these are represented as signed 48-bit fixed-point numbers, with 45 fractional bits. The output scaling can be up to 8,000,000. Filter coefficients can be computed using signal processing toolboxes, e.g. in  MATLAB or SciPy.