Can I disable firmware updates ?

How to disable automatic firmware update on Moku:Lab

Liquid Instruments continues to improve Moku:Lab and add new features.  

We regularly update both the iPad app and Windows app; both apps automatically check for updates.  The update history is here : Update log

The apps contain the Moku:Lab firmware and some updates will need a new version of firmware.  The app will indicate the need for new Moku firmware with an orange exclamation point next to the Moku:Lab icon.  The download of firmware will typically take less than 5 minutes.  If you wish to prevent Moku:Lab firmware updates,  you need to prevent app updates.  

Turn off auto-updates

In some situations,  for example during a long running experiment or ahead of an important demonstration, you may wish to turn off automatic updates. By turning off the app auto-update,  you will prevent undesirable or inconvenient Moku:Lab firmware updates.


Turn off "Automatically Check For Updates" in the Moku:Lab app

autocheck for updates

AND turn off the iOS auto-update of "Apps" and "App Updates" in "Settings" ->"App Store"

ios app and appupdates-1