WiFi is not permitted in our lab. How can I use Moku:Lab and iPad

How to disable wifi. Moku:Lab's 'airplane' mode.

In some places, WiFi networks are not permitted for either security or interference reasons. However, you can still use Moku:Lab fully.

  1. Disabling Wifi in Moku:Lab
    • EITHER, on the bottom of the Moku:Lab; there is an ‘airplane’ mode button. Depress this recessed button with a paperclip or similar and the WiFi of Moku:Lab will be disabled.
    • OR, in the iOS app, connect to the Moku:Lab and under device settings; select the ‘ethernet’ tab and ensure that ethernet access is enabled. Then under the WiFi tab disable both “Join a WiFi network” and “Create a WiFi network”.
  2. Using Moku:Lab without WiFi
    • Wired ethernet : You may access Moku:Lab via wired ethernet using Python, MatLab and LabView APIs or via our Windows App
    • USB : You may also access Moku:Lab via USB : Moku:Lab via USB and Windows
    • To have the benefit of the iOS app interface and interact with the instruments’ user interface, we will need to connect the iPad via a wired connection. To do this, use the micro-USB port on the back panel of the Moku:Lab and an Apple ‘Lightening to USB camera adaptor’ or a USB-C to micro B USB cable. Details can be found in the application note Using Moku via USB and iPad