What do all the ports do on the Moku:Lab?

Moku:Lab; front and rear panel; ports and interfaces

Moku:Lab front side layout:


From left to right:

  • Two analog inputs (BNC): signal input channels
  • Power button / status LED: powers on or off the Moku:Lab, indicating the status of the Moku:Lab (for more information, check out how to turn on the Moku:Lab here and find out more on the status LED here)
  • Two analog outputs (BNC port): signal output channels

Moku:Lab rear panel layout:


From left to right:

  • DC power: power supply for Moku:Lab.
  • SD card slot: data logging on to the SD card.
  • Micro-USB data port: enables Moku:Lab connection to PC via USB cable.
  • Ethernet port: enables Moku:Lab connection to a router or network switch via Ethernet cable.
  • USB charge port: charging port for other devices, e.g. iPad. This port does not support data transmission.
  • External trigger input (BNC): enables Moku:Lab to trigger off external signal.
  • 10 MHz ref. output: reference clock output (can be used to synchronize multiple Moku:Labs)
  • 10 MHz ref. input: reference clock input (can be used to synchronize multiple Moku:Labs)
  • Kensington Lock slot