Moku:Lab oscilloscope probe compensation

How do I compensate a probe for accurate oscilloscope measurements ?

Moku:Lab oscilloscope can be used to compensate a probe to ensure both accurate measurements of voltage and frequency and also precise waveform representation.

The Moku:Lab oscilloscope has an integrated waveform generator;  the video shows the waveform generator being set to 1 kHz, 2 Vpp / 1 M ohm impedance.  The under-compensated signal is then adjusted to slightly over compensated and finally to a well compensated state.  This is achieved with the probe in 10:1 setting;  the Moku:Lab oscilloscope is also setup to 10x probe.  


under compensated

Under compensated; not true square waveform and amplitude measurement less than actual 2V



over compensated

Slightly over compensated, overshoot on leading edge and slight over measurement on amplitude of 2V actual



well comprensated

Accurately compensated,  sharp square wave and accurate 2.000V amplitude measurement