Moku:Lab LED color status

Moku:Lab network status and the power button colored LEDs

Once Moku:Lab is fully booted, the power button LED represents the current network status.

The blue LED represents both the on-board Wi-Fi access point (AP) and Wi-Fi client mode (join an existing Wi-Fi) status. It flashes when attempting to join a Wi-Fi network;  it is steady when successfully joined in client mode or when in access point mode.  The blue LED is off when both AP and client modes are disabled.

The white LED represents the ethernet connection status. It is flashing when ethernet is enabled and the Moku:Lab attempting to connect;  it is steady when connected.  

If no network option is enabled, the orange LED blinks.

The USB mini-B data port is always available. Even when no network option is active, the USB mini-B data port remains available.


LEDs and network status