MATLAB: Frequency Response Analyzer

Example MATLAB script to implement the Frequency Response Analyzer

%% Basic Bode Analyzer Example
% This example demonstrates how you can generate a single output sweep on
% the Bode Analyzer instrument, and print the resulting transfer function
% data.
% (c) Liquid Instruments Pty. Ltd.
%% Connect to your Moku
ip = input('Please enter your Moku:Lab IP address: ', 's');

% Connect to your Moku and deploy the desired instrument
m = MokuFrequencyResponseAnalyzer(ip);

%% Configure the instrument
% Set the output sweep parameters and amplitudes
% 1MHz - 120MHz, Logarithmic sweep ON
m.set_sweep('f_start', 1e6, 'f_end', 120e6, 'sweep_log', 'true');
m.set_output(1,0.1); % Channel 1, 0.1Vpp
m.set_output(2,0.1); % Channel 2, 0.1Vpp

% Start a single sweep

%% Get data
% Get the sweep data
data = m.get_data();

% Print the frequency, phase and magnitude data for Channel 1