MATLAB: Oscilloscope

Example MATLAB script to implement the Oscilloscope (basic)


%% Basic Oscilloscope Example
% This script demonstrates how to use the Oscilloscope instrument to
% retrieve a single frame of dual-channel voltage data.
% (c) 2016 Liquid Instruments Pty. Ltd.
%% Connect to your Moku
ip = input('Please enter your Moku:Lab IP address: ', 's');

% Connect to your Moku and deploy the desired instrument
m = MokuOscilloscope(ip);

%% Configure the instrument
% Set the timebase to be +-1sec

%% Get data
% Get a single frame of hi-res data with a 10 sec timeout period
data = m.get_realtime_data('timeout',10);

% Print the time-voltage data for both channels