MATLAB Data Logger (streaming)

Example MATLAB script to implement the Data Logger (streaming)

%% Livestream Datalogger Example
% This example demonstrates how you can use the Datalogger to live-stream
% dual-channel voltage data over the network.
% (c) 2017 Liquid Instruments Pty. Ltd.
%% Connect to your Moku
ip = input('Please enter your Moku:Lab IP address: ', 's');

% Connect to your Moku and deploy the desired instrument
m = MokuDatalogger(ip);

%% Configure the instrument
% Set the samplerate to 10 Hz

%% Start network-streaming data
% Stop any previous sessions
% Start a 10sec dual-channel streaming session

%% Receive samples
while 1
% Get 10 samples off the network at a time
samples = m.get_stream_data('n',10);

% Break out of the loop if we receive an empty cell array
% This denotes the session has completed (works for dual-channel only)
if iscell(samples)
disp('Stream complete');

disp(sprintf('Received: Channel 1 (%d smps), Channel 2 (%d smps)', ...
length(samples(1,:)), length(samples(2,:))));
% A short pause ensures this message will print with each loop

%% Close the network-streaming session
% Denote that we are done with the data streaming session to clean up
% device and network resources.