I just upgraded my Moku:Lab with a new instrument, how do I install it?

Device configuration update

If your Moku:Lab is connected to the internet, via WiFi or ethernet, new instruments should be automatically added once you receive an emailed confirmation of the update of your Moku:Lab's instruments.

If the instrument list does not show all the instruments that you have purchased or your Moku:Lab cannot be connected to the internet, a device configuration update is required.

To update your Moku:Lab device configuration in the iPad App:

  1. Ensure your iPad is connected to the internet, i.e. not to the access point of the Moku:Lab;
  2. Go into the "Select your device" menu, without connecting to any Moku:Lab, tap the "?" icon. (Note: this icon will only appear when no Moku:Lab icon is linked to the iPad icon in this menu. If you have linked to a device already, tap the blue background space to unlink.)
  3. Tap the gear icon for configuration.
  4. In the pop-up window, enter the serial number of your Moku:Lab (Need help finding your serial number? Click here), then tap "Download".

The new instrument(s) will be downloaded into your Moku:Lab and an automatic device restart will be prompted to install the new instrument(s).

If you cannot successfully download the device configuration file, please contact us at support@liquidinstruments.com