How to turn on Moku:Lab's WiFi access point

Configuring Moku:Lab WiFi access point

Moku:Labs is equipped with an onboard WiFi access point, which means it can generate its own WiFi network. Your Moku:Lab should have its access point turned on when you power it on for the first time.

In case you have turned off the access point, you can reconfigure to power it on again in the iPad App:

  1. Power on your Moku:Lab and launch the iPad app, make sure you can see the Moku:Lab you are configuring in the "Select your device" menu.
  2. Connect to the device and tap the gear icon at the bottom left corner to access Device settings menu.
  3. Switch to WiFi settings tab and turn on the switch next to "Create a WiFi network"
    You can also modify the name and password of the Moku:Lab's access point here, please keep the password stored securely. 
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  4. Tap "Apply" to confirm the settings. You should now be able to see the network from Moku:Lab in your list of available WiFi networks.