How to connect my Moku:Lab to a WiFi network for the first time

Initial set up of Moku:Lab WiFi connection

When your Moku:Lab is powered on for the first time, it will be in its factory default state - it will broadcast a Wireless Access Point and Ethernet will be enabled.

To configure your Moku:Lab to join an existing network, we recommend using our iPad app for the setup process.

1. Join the Moku:Lab's Wireless Access Point network

    1.1. Open the iPad's Settings  and select "Wi-Fi" from the panel on the left.

    1.2. Select the network called “Moku-######”, where “######” is the middle 6-digits of the               serial number printed on the bottom of the Moku. (See 'how to find the serial number of Moku:Lab').  The default password is mokuadmin.


File 2-10-20, 4 58 02 pm


2. Launch the Moku:Lab App and tap the icon of the Moku:Lab on the "Select Device" screen. This will show a connection from the iPad to the Moku:Lab, the LEDs on the base of the Moku:Lab unit should also start to flash.



3. Tap the gear icon at the bottom left corner of the screen to configure the Moku:Lab's hardware settings.

    3.1. Switch to WiFi tab on the "Device settings" menu.

    3.2. Tap the switch next to "Join a WiFi network" to enable WiFi connection.

    3.3. Enter the details of the WiFi network which you wish the Moku to join. You will be prompted to enter a password for that network if required.  

File 2-10-20, 5 07 37 pm


4. Connect your iPad to the same WiFi network, then launch the Moku:Lab App on your iPad again. The iPad will search for Moku:Lab hardware on the same network.

You should now be able to see your Moku:Lab on the same WiFi network.