How do I find Moku:Lab's IP address?

There are multiple ways to determine the IP address of your Moku:Lab depending on the software interface you use. The recommended methods are through the iPad App, pyMoku, and the Windows App. 

iPad App

  1. Tap and hold your Moku:Lab in the Device menu; a window will open to show the Moku's IP address,  along with firmware version, name and other information.

show Moku IP address on iPad


  1. Open your Command Window in Windows PCs, or Terminal for Mac and Linux computers.
  2. Type in "moku list" to show all Moku:Labs connected to your network. This will display their information, including the IP address.

Windows App

  1. In the Devices menu, hover your cursor above your Moku:Lab icon; a "Settings" icon should appear.
  2. Click the "Settings" icon to open the "Device settings" menu.
  3. You can find the current IP address of your Moku:Lab at the bottom right corner of the window.

Bonjour Browsers

For Mac computers you can discover the IP address of your Moku:Lab using the this Bonjour browser:

USB-connected Moku:Lab

If you are unable to determine the IP address of your Moku:Lab using the recommended methods, please reach out to our support team on via email: