How to connect Moku:Lab via USB in Windows

A step-by-step guide for setting up Moku:Lab USB connection to a Windows computer

The Moku:Lab can connect to the Windows app via a simple USB cable; no ethernet or wifi is needed.   This is accomplished by a RNDIS ('remote network driver interface specification') over USB.


1. Connect a USB cable between the Moku:Lab mini B data port and your PC




2. Open Windows Device Manager,  confirm a RNDIS connection under Network Adapters

RNDIS network port for Moku 2

3.  Open the MokuMaster windows app and select Menu -> Connect -> Manual Connection to manually enter the IP address of the Moku:Lab.  Each Moku:Lab will have a unique fixed IP address for its USB connection.


Manual IP address in MokuMaster

4. To obtain the unique IP address of a Moku connected by USB,  please send the Moku:Lab serial number to

How to locate the serial number of Moku:Lab ?


Moku:Lab LED status during USB mode

When connected via USB,  and with no other network connection available, Moku:Lab's power button LED will flash orange.

LEDs and network status