How to connect my Moku:Lab to a Windows PC through direct Ethernet cable

Direct Ethernet connection without a router or switch

To connect your Moku:Lab to a Windows PC through Ethernet cable without a router or a switch, you will need to configure the network and assign the Moku:Lab a static IP address.

Configuring the PC network:

  1. In your PC go into "Settings" -> "Network & Internet" -> "Ethernet"
  2. Select "change network properties" and "Edit IPv4 settings" 
  3. Configure the IPv4 setting as shown below:

Note: depending on the version of Windows operating system that you are using, you may be required to set the subnet prefix length, set this to 24.

Fixing the IP of Moku:
  1. Use the iPad to connect to the Moku through Wifi
  2. In "Select your device" menu, tap on your Moku, then tap the settings icon on the bottom left corner, this will open the "Device settings" menu
  3. In the "Device settings" menu, tap on Ethernet, switch on "Connect via Ethernet"
  4. Set "Configuration" to Manual, then set IP address to with  subnet mask
  5. Tap "Apply" 
You should now be able to connect to your Moku through the Ethernet cable using the IP address of