Frequency Response Analyzer and harmonics

Can the Moku:Lab Frequency Response Analyzer plot harmonic responses ?

Yes,  the Moku:Lab Frequency Response (FRA) can analyze up to the 15th harmonic of the fundamental swept sine.  This can be useful for active systems, non linear systems or electrochemical or biological applications.  The harmonic setting is under the 'Advanced' tab.


In the first video,  we have attached a MiniCircuits MK-3 frequency doubler.  On the initial sweeps, the flat response is below -63.5 dB.  When setting "Advanced" 2nd harmonic,  we now see a nearly flat response at -3.1 dB; which is to be expected for such a frequency doubler component.  


The second video confirms the this expected MK-3 component response in the time domain.  We switch from the FRA to the oscilloscope.  Using the waveform generator built-in to the oscilloscope,  we drive the MK-3 with a 1 MHz sine wave.  The oscilloscope channel 2 (blue) is then set to observe this 1MHz output;  while the oscilloscope channel 1 (red) observes the output of the MK-3.

The onscreen Moku:Lab measurements confirm the 1MHz is doubled to 2 MHz.