Can you use multiple instruments simultaneously, for example Lock-in & AWG? Or PID & FIR Filter Builder?

Discussion of simultaneous instrument usage

You may only launch 1 of our 12 Moku:Lab instruments on a given Moku:Lab at any given time. However, because of the unique flexibility of Moku:Lab, many instruments contain additional functionality.  


For example,  Moku:Lab's Oscilloscope integrates a waveform generator that is easily accessible from the Oscilloscope iPad interface.  The waveform generator is also available in our other APIs' interfaces.  


Moku:Lab's Lock-in Amplifier features an integrated oscilloscope and data logger. The integrated oscilloscope features trigger controls,  math channel and a variety of measurement functions. Both the oscilloscope and data logger can observe signals at various points within the signal processing chain and acquire and save data.  

The Lock-in Amplifier also has an auxiliary oscillator output and an integrated PID for a single channel.  


Moku:Lab's Laser Lock Box is another flexible instrument with an integrated oscilloscope, data logger and auxiliary oscillator functionality.