Can I deploy more than one instrument on the same Moku:Lab device?

Sequential instrument deployment in MATLAB

You can run multiple instruments with the same Moku:Lab in sequence, but it is not possible to do so at the same time.

To deploy a new instrument, simply connect to the Moku:Lab with a new instrument:

%% Sequential Instrument Deploy Example
% This example demonstrates how you can deploy the Oscilloscope instrument followed
% by the Frequency Response Analyzer instrument
% (c) 2020 Liquid Instruments Pty. Ltd.
%% Connect to your Moku
ip = input('Please enter your Moku:Lab IP address: ', 's');

% Connect to your Moku and deploy the Oscilloscope instrument
m1 = MokuOscilloscope(ip);

%% Perform tasks with the Oscilloscope

% Connect to your Moku and deploy the Frequency Response Analyser instrument
m2 = MokuFrequencyResponseAnalyzer(ip);

%% Perform tasks with the Frequency Response Analyzer

Note: once the Frequency Response Analyzer instrument is deployed, Moku:Lab will not be running the Oscilloscope instrument any more. If you need to access the Oscilloscope again, you will need to deploy the Oscilloscope again.