Can I load my own FIR filter coefficients?

Configuring Moku:Lab's FIR filter builder

Yes, you can input your filter coefficients by placing your coefficients into a .CSV file.

In the FIR filter editor,  select "custom" impulse response and then select your coefficient file.

custom impulse response

The output of the FIR filter is a weighted sum of the most recent input values:

FIR equation-1To specify a custom filter, you supply a text file containing the filter coefficients. The file can contain up to 14,819 coefficients separated by commas or new lines. Each coefficient must be in the range of [-1.0, +1.0]. Internally, these are represented as signed 25-bit fixed-point numbers, with 24 fractional bits. Filter coefficients can be computed using signal processing toolboxes in MATLAB, SciPy, etc. Some coefficients may result in overflow or underflow, which degrade filter performance, so filter responses should be checked prior to deploying them.