Can I connect to a Moku:Lab directly by IP address?

Directly connect to a Moku:Lab via its network IP address

If Moku:Lab is connected to a wired ethernet or wireless wifi network,  you can connect to it directly even if it is not automatically discovered.



In the iPad app, simply tap on the '?’ button which appears in the bottom left corner of the “Select your device” screen, then choose “Other device…” and enter the Moku:Lab's IP address. Ports 27182-27186 must be open to connect to a device on a different subnet



To manually connect to a Moku:Lab in the windows app:

1. In the "Select your device" page, click the menu icon in the top left corner.

2. Click "Connect" -> "Manual connection".

3. Enter the IP address of the Moku:Lab, click "Connect" to launch the device.