Can I adjust amplitude of Moku:Labs output reference clock ?

Moku:Labs output reference clock at 10MHz

Moku:Lab provides a reference clock output on the rear panel.  This can be used to synchronize to other items of lab test and measurement equipment. 

This clock output is fixed at 10 MHz, -3 dBm (50ohms) or 500 mVpp.


However, many of our instruments (Oscilloscope, Phasemeter, Datalogger, Phasemeter, Spectrum Analyzer) provide an in-built waveform generator.  This in-built waveform generator can be used to provide a reference to external equipment;  the amplitude and frequency can be adjusted.


Finally,  if you are using a Moku:Lab instrument that does NOT integrate a waveform generator;  you can use a second Moku:Lab to provide an adjustable amplitude reference output using our Waveform generator instrument.  This second Moku:Lab can then be synchornized to the first Moku:Lab via the rear panel reference clocks.